Mon chéri Soviétique (2021)
HD, 4:3, color, 27'46"

The film is made of hundreds of photographs telling a story of the last Soviet soldiers leaving Poland in 1990s. The focus of the work is the figure of a soldier — who is not fighting on the war front, but takes off his uniform in front of a camera. The author of "Mon chéri Soviétique" supplements photographs from the past with contemporary film material in which he reenacts past events.

The narrator of the film, an elderly anonymous citizen of Wroclaw goes back to the beginnings of the 1990s and tells a story about the photographer and his life’s project. He describes a world in-between communism and capitalism through a lens of Polish gays’ relations with Soviet soldiers: through their queer friendships, thrilling love affairs, but also gossip and legends. The film is an attempt to save an uncomfortable, suppressed archive that was destined to destruction. An archive that builds queer memory.


Director: Karol Radziszewski
Writer: Karol Radziszewski
Producer: Karol Radziszewski
Editing: Marek Sobolewski
Music: Adam Walicki


London Short Film Festival
Merlinka Festival, Belgrade
TLVFest - The Tel Aviv International LGBTQ+ Film Festival
BEAST International Film Festival, Porto
Ljubljana Short Film Festival
14. Short Waves Festival, Poznań
19. Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, Warsaw
Studio BWA Wroclaw Gallery, Wroclaw