To Pee in a Bun (2009)

curatorial concept project

Zacheta National Gallery of Art inWarsaw, 05 Sept - 22 Nov 2009

To Pee in a Bun is the presentation of a selection of works from the collection of Zachęta National Gallery of Art. This time as an artist Karol Radziszewski is embodying a curator, an "unfulfilled artist". At the exhibition can be seen works either rarely or never before seen. Radziszewski has made a subjective selection and reinterpretation of works, placing them in new and at times surprising contexts. To Pee in a Bun is a quotation taken from a classic figure of Polish conceptualism, Edward Krasiński. The artist once wrote a short poem:


Radziszewski made numerous interventions in the arrangement of the exhibition itself, establishing a playful relationship with the space of the gallery and the works on show, but at the same time posting a question as to the status and character of the collection. Radziszewski admits: "I treated the works of other artists as ingredients in a greater whole, a bit like tubes of paint from which I squeezed out colours to paint a single, composite image".

Radziszewski’s curatorial text "From A to C and back again" is also the point of entry for a very general reflection on the relation and scope of the concepts ARTIST and CURATOR.

virtual version of the exhibition: